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The Extracorporeal Life Support Bulletin Board, also called ECLS-NET, is a private, monitored mailing list server. The membership of ECLS-NET can include any health care provider with interest in Extracorporeal Life Support including physicians, nurses, perfusionists, or respiratory therapists. Membership is limited to health care professionals who are members of, or associated with an institution that is a member of, the Extracorporeal Life Support Organization; membership is not open to the public. Industry representatives who are corporate members of the Extracorporeal Life Support Organization (ELSO) are also welcome to join; but are strictly prohibited from any form of promotion or sales on the ECLS-NET. Once you join, you send messages by electronic mail and, once reviewed, the message is sent via the Internet to all the subscribers who can then post replies. The ECLS-NET is a free service administered and monitored by a cadre of ECMOlogists:

Thomas G. Scheller, Clinical Manager, CNMC, Washington, DC (

Dominick M. Carella, ECMO Coordinator, St. Christopher's Hospital for Children Philadelphia; (

The ECLS-net is meant as a forum for open discussion of any topic related to Extracorporeal Life Support including (but not limited to):


  1. HIPAA compliance: correspondents must "make a reasonable effort to use or disclose only the minimum necessary patient information…" realizing that "…where protected health information is disclosed to, or requested by, health care providers for treatment purposes, the minimum necessary standard does not apply." [45 CFR 164.502(b), 164.514(d)]. Nevertheless, the less Protected Health Information provided the better.
  2. Members should avoid personal correspondence.
  3. No advertising of a "for profit" nature; announcements of meetings pertaining to ECLS are allowed. Corporate members MUST identify themselves as such.
  4. Send no message that you would not wish everyone to receive.
  5. 5. The postings on this list serve are not peer reviewed and should be treated as opinions.

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The ELSO Home Page ELSO, the Extracorporeal Life Support Organization, maintains extensive member lists and information on meetings.

Da BearsThe CNMC ECMO meeting is held annually each February

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